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Why Soap?

I have always been drawn to explore creativity - as far back as I can remember. My creative interests have taken me on journeys with stained glass, writing, poetry, painting, design, gardening and a huge number of textile crafting escapades. But with all of those fun journeys I always got distracted by the next shiny thing - Until I found Soap.

I found my passion when I discovered soap and all the amazing possibilities that came along with it. I work my recipes to make a great bar of soap. A bar can be plain and still be great but I am in love with great and beautiful soap! My batches are small and I take great care and pride in the making and the design detail of each and every creation. It's truly like the magic of a Christmas Stocking when you cut into a fresh loaf of soap and the swirling design reveals itself to you!  Yes - I am a soap addict.'s out. I can not stop. When my home began to overflow with soap I began to share my love of soap with all of you! So Welcome, come browse, and remember, it's not just to look at - It's great soap too!! 

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